Hackers taking over cars, pacemakers, sometimes for pain, other for profit

When you hear the term “hacker” you likely picture someone sitting in front of a black computer screen writing code to steal your personal or financial data. But there are also hackers who like to take control of things like medical devices and vehicles. “Any device...
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Internet of Things brings convenience, security challenges

By 2025, some estimates indicate approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. To give you some perspective, approximately 11 billion devices connect to the Internet now. So for every device online now - seven more will be added over the next...

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Episode 3 – Internet of Things

North Korea tests US cyber vulnerabilities Authentication, encryption and the padlock on your browser (9:40) Implementation of guidelines to protect US critical infrastructure (22:40) Hackers attacking hospitals, cars and pacemakers - sometimes for profit (30:48) In...

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Episode 1-Simple Steps to Online Safety

In the premiere episode of CYBER24, we discussed some of the top cybersecurity threats of 2017 with Matt Sorensen, chief information security officer (CISO) with Secuvant, and Sgt. Jeff Plank, a member of the state Cyber Task Force. First, it’s important to know who...

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Developing a “Key Contact” List for Your Business

In Episode 1 Simple Steps to Online Safety, CYBER24 addresses the most basic and fundamental threats posed by cybercrime to Utah businesses and organizations. One of our guests, Matt Sorensen, who serves as the chief information security officer (CISO) for Secuvant,...

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Cybersecurity 101

To put it bluntly, C-suite executives usually know Cybersecurity is a big issue, but they also recognize that it isn’t their area of expertise. Some hope for the best, some do their best and almost all of them leave it to the “tech guys.”

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An ounce of prevention

Cybercrime is one of the most significant, looming threats of to your business, but what you may not realize is that your own employees are what makes you vulnerable.

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The Greatest Threat

Cybercrime damage was estimated to total $3 trillion last year, a number that is expected to DOUBLE buy 2021 to over $6 trillion annually, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. If it seems like you’ve heard more and more about massive cyber attacks lately…you’re not crazy.

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Cybersecurity must be priority for small business

According to a recent post by The Next Web, many small businesses “are unaware of the dangers they are already facing. The truth is that an estimated 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses, so there are many lessons to be learnt here.”

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