Episode 10: Victim of a data breach? Don’t become an accomplice to the crime

By now you likely understand a data breach is a matter of “when” not “if” for your organization. Hopefully you are working to build a culture of cybersecurity within your business and tightening up your security measures themselves. But when something does eventually...
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Episode 9: Creating unbreakable passwords

There was a time when you only had a password for a handful of accounts like you email and your computer login. Those days are long gone. Today, you likely have a password for everything from your Netflix account to your online shopping account to the app you use to...

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Episode 8: Cyber insurance gaining popularity as hacks increase

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, we take a look at some interesting polling information that shows exactly who Americans trust and distrust with their data. But does it make a difference in how we actually behave? We also take a deep dive into the world of cyber...

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Episode 7: State cyber team closes vulnerability found by Utah man

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, the man in charge of protecting state data and devices talks about the security measures in place that helped the Dept. of Technology Services move quickly to close a vulnerability discovered by a Utah man. We also talk about the value of having cybersecurity expertise with your legal counsel when responding to a cyber incident.

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Episode 6: Investigating cybercrime and nabbing the Nigerian prince scammer

Do you remember back when you had your first email account and you received an unsolicited email from someone claiming to be a Nigerian prince? It seems like most of America had a similar offer and, sadly, more than a few fell for it. It was one of the earliest phishing schemes.

Well, #spoileralert, the person who sent those email wasn’t royalty and his fortune was based solely on the money his victims sent him. But, did you know the Nigerian prince – at least one of them – was brought to justice by Utah law enforcement?

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Episode 5: Keeping Utah elections secure

“I used to think that elections just happen but I can assure you they do not,” says Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, who is designated by the Utah Constitution as the chief elections officer. “It’s a one-time-a-year thing for everyone else, but for my office it is twenty-four-seven, 365 days a year.”

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Episode 4: Business Email Compromise – Wolf in sheep’s clothing

How many emails do you get a day? Studies show the average American received nearly 100 emails each day and many would say that’s a slow morning at the office. Add to that number each ding for texts, tweets and direct messages, and it’s easy to see why not every message gets your full attention.

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Internet of Things brings convenience, security challenges

By 2025, some estimates indicate approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. To give you some perspective, approximately 11 billion devices connect to the Internet now. So for every device online now - seven more will be added over the next...

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Episode 3 – Internet of Things

North Korea tests US cyber vulnerabilities Authentication, encryption and the padlock on your browser (9:40) Implementation of guidelines to protect US critical infrastructure (22:40) Hackers attacking hospitals, cars and pacemakers - sometimes for profit (30:48) In...

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Episode 1-Simple Steps to Online Safety

In the premiere episode of CYBER24, we discussed some of the top cybersecurity threats of 2017 with Matt Sorensen, chief information security officer (CISO) with Secuvant, and Sgt. Jeff Plank, a member of the state Cyber Task Force. First, it’s important to know who...

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